Canoes for hire

We have hiking equipment
for hire

  • Large canoe approx. 10 p.
  • Ordinary canoes

    We carry out:
  • Passenger transport
  • Luggage transport
  • Transportation of bicycles
    and canoes.

Photo: André Solvang

Begin your holiday in the middle of our beautiful scenery. Lunde Taxisentral delivers
your bicycle or canoe anywhere you want. Don't worry about the transportation,
you can simply focus on enjoying the magnificent scenery along the Telemark Canal.
Let us improve your holiday!

We can also transport your luggage directly to where you're spending the night
or any other destination of your choice. This is both simple and comfortable.
You don't have to bring heavy luggage on the bike or in the canoe.

Hiking exsample, with cano and transportation:
The trip start`s at Lunde Taxisentral, where you meet us. We transport you to Kviteseid,
with the canoes. You will approximately use 2-3 day`s down the canal to your destination
in Ulefoss, where we pick you up and bring you back to Lunde Taxisentral.
This hike is about 60 km, a convenient trip for most family`s.
Contact us for reservation and prises.

The best bicycle- and canoeservice in Norway? We think so.
We wish you a safe and interesting journey.

Do you want to have the hole holiday ready and planned? Contact our collaborators:

Telemarkreiser AL, Postboks 3133, Handelstorget, N-3707 SKIEN, Norway tel:+47 35900020 fax: +47 35900021

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